Bulletin Board—Real Talk : You Tell Me

BULLETIN BOARD This section of Gun-Towers On My Walls is yours; it’s where you get off and tell your side of things. You can respond to any of the sections/topics or you can come up with others subjects related to urban communities, how you feel about whatever it is, and by telling me you tell everyone that checks in.
If you don’t have the time to create a blog page, you can use Gun-Towers On MY Walls’ Bulletin Board to get your opinion out there. Read More

Showtime—Entertainment Flow

SHOWTIME While jazz has been called an African-American art form, it is so much more. With its expressive freedom and strong reliance on improvisation, jazz is hidden whispers and sudden shouts of those who feel its sweet, violent and in between caress. Jazz is the story told by one spirit to another, and continuously passed on and expanded upon.
The history of jazz is as colorful as the music itself. Although it Read More

Provocatively Nasty— Stories of Erotica

PROACTIVELY EROTICAAs I sit at my desk, working on the computer, the phone interrupts me. It’s you, requesting a quick meeting so that we can discuss some business, you say.
I smile and answer “Sure” then hang up as if it’s no big deal. But instantly, the word “quick” makes me think of a quickie, hence, my thoughts travel directly to the erotic book, Sex Chronicles, by Zane, in the top drawer of my desk. Knowing your desires as I do, it there any wonder I make such a connection. I could ask you to read a chapter from Sex Chronicles while I play with myself, I think nastily Read More

Our Hood—Community Matters

OUR HOODI walked into a bar, the Harlem Pub, the other day with a friend of mine. He actually chose the spot after checking his phone for a place to go since we were in the neighborhood. Although he’s not from New York City and definitely not from Harlem, he’s familiar with the city. I grew up in the boroughs and spent a lot of time in Harlem as far back as the mid 70s. Yet, I didn’t know where we could go for a meal and the opportunity to have a drink and talk; he was in town for a couple of days had put a couple of hours aside for me so we wanted a spot close by. Read More

Not So Blind Justice— The Criminal (No) Justice System

NOT SO BLIND JUSTICE When O. J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1995 by a predominately Black jury the outrage was palpable; an intensifying twister of emotion sweeping across much of white America with a sense of disgust for an inept criminal justice system. The murders themselves as well as the subsequent trial were of great interest to the country. Like a trashy crime novel splashed with sex, money and betrayal, this case captured the attention of even those who claimed to be disgusted by it. The trial was aired in its entirety Read More