Mo Noire—Tales With an Edge

MO NOIREThe stairwell was dark and smelly; in fact, it was scary and smelled like piss and dirty bodies, and maybe even straight up ass. All the things that went on there, crack heads smoking and tricking for drugs or money to buy them, dope fiends shooting up and using the dope fiend yoke on anybody they could to acquire the next fix, and then the people pissing and leaving bags of garbage in the stairwell combined to produced a darkness that the newest and brightest light bulbs Read More

Chop Shop—I’ll Tell You What

CHOP SHOPWhat is the chop shop? According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, a chop shop is a location or business that disassembles stolen automobiles for the purpose of selling them as parts and the term supposedly originated from the practice of building a car from two halves, welded together. Interesting? I guess so, but my take on chop shop comes from the term chop it up and the Urban Dictionary define that as to have a conversation, which works for me. It’s also ironic that when I looked up Read More

Behind The Wall—Prison Life/Death

BEHIND THE WALLImagine the sun dancing on shiny razor wire with sharp points made to rip and grab onto clothing and flesh to keep you inside but giving the illusion of the sun reflecting off clear blue waters in some place you’d love to be. Now, imagine looking up at a cold, gray 40-foot wall with a gun-tower and an automatic a riffle staring back at you instead of the horizon calling you to some exotic distance place you dreamed of. Can you see all the men in the yard; some working out, sweat dripping and muscles rippling as weights are lifted, Read More

Crime Scene-Real Crimes Explored

crime SceneCrime Scene—1993 starts off with a bang in New York City, but what happens in the hood pretty much stays there. Although not all of them became national news, 1993 started with a slew of high profile crimes in New York City. From a bank robbery with an innocent woman being killed by police bullets, to a bombing that could have killed thousands; the city would also see a police officer killed, Read More

Somebody Children—Lessons Taught

SOMEBODY CHILDRENA 14 year old kid kills a man on a bus and the victim’s 12 year old son wants justice … saying put him in jail for a long time so that he can’t hurt anyone else. The victim’s son echoes what society has to say about children, who commit crimes, punish them and never forget what they did; before grieving, even before taking the time to cherish memories and definitely before asking how a child came to do such a thing. Angel Rojas died at the hands of somebody’s child, a 14-year-old gunman who opened fire on a Brooklyn bus Read More